Photos & Passwords

Our family photo’s are accessible to those who know us.   There are two ways to access recent photos:

Option1 – the flickrid

If you have a flickrid then please email us and will will set you up as a “friend”.  Friends can see more of our photo’s at:

Option2 – logon to flickr with a flickrid “pahlmanfriend”

You will of course need the password for “pahlmanfriend”.   To get the password for “pahlmanfriend”, you need to know something about us.

What do you know?

If you have any trouble with the answers, please contact one of the family or friends.

Older online photos

The older set’s of photo’s are accessed here. Please logon with any one of the following user name and password combinations:


Password Clue

ap andrew’s middle name
am name of anna-marie’s nephew
school In lane cove
uni acronym for anna-marie’s university as it was then (3 letters, now ukzn)